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Seminar about Digital Interconnectivity presented INVISO, ADC and SEEL in Colombia

June 2, 2009 

Miami, May 26th, 2009. Representatives of the most important television channels, governmental organizations, Universities and other companies associated to the Broadcast market met last week at the Sheraton Hotel in Bogotá for the seminar on Digital Interconnectivity presented by INVISO, ADC and SEEL in the Colombian capital.

During the event, a presentation was given by INVISO’s Vice President of Sales and Operations, Jose Luis Reyes, accompanied by the President of INVISO, Frank Shufelt and the Commercial Director of SEEL, Omar Parada.

“Many technical challenges and questions were brought up with the change to digital television. Therefore this type of presentation is of great use to all of our clients. That is why we are taking this subject, together with ADC, to all the region in order to offer more technical data and consultancy about a complex topic, but one which all television channels should start working on immediately”, explained Jose Luis Reyes.

The presentation was very technical and embraced the definition of the basic parameters of audio and video digital signals of the several signal transport methods in the Broadcast facilities.

After the technical presentation there was a demonstration of several ADC products including ADC’s new programmable audio patch panel from the PPP series for AES audio, the new medium sized PPE4632-MVJT video panel and the new PPM-1248 miniature high density video panel, both  compatible to the HDTV 3G format. The new SignalOn® system that manages RF signals was also demonstrated as well as its various active and passive units.

“We counted on ADC’s support to hold this seminar which in other countries presented ADC’s Market Manager for Broadcast and Cable Connectivity products, Dean Rosenthal, for this occasion we include other issues which were of concern to the local market such as the arrival of high definition in 1080P format and the handling of the copper and fiber optic cables in modern structures”, informed Reyes.

“Since the Colombian market has already chosen its digital transmission standar, this event was of extreme importance if you consider that with any purchasing decision nowadays, you should have a vision for a digital future. INVISO as well as SEEL are willing to offer all technical assistance, and information, so each client can obtain a solution adapted to his present needs, but at the same time guarantees its growth and technological progress in the future”, concluded Jose Luis Reyes.