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EVERMEDIA hosts first of its kind Puerto Rico Broadcast Expo 2009

August 4, 2009 

(San Juan, Puerto Rico) – Evermedia, a San Juan based broadcast and audiovisualtechnology provider, hosted the first ever Puerto Rico Broadcast Expo this past July 23 atthe Puerto Rico Convention Center. The Expo featured a select group of vendors whose products are represented by Evermedia on the island. Attendance was by invitation only,primarily targeted towards broadcast engineers from Puerto Rico’s commercial, religious,and government television stations.

The event, which ran from 8:00AM to 5:30PM approximately, included conferences by industry experts brought in by Evermedia strategic partners, as well as exhibition booths offering hands-on demonstrations of some of the vendors technologies.

“We wanted to bring the NAB experience to those clients of ours who weren’t able to make it to Las Vegas this year,” explained Evermedia President, Jesus Mattei, an electronic engineer with more than 20 years experience in the communications industry.

“It’s important that Puerto Rican broadcasters become exposed to the technologies that are a vital part of the transition to digital and HD broadcasting,” Mattei continued, “The switch was made on par with the US mainland, but there are still many challenges ahead and a lot of room to grow.”

Among Evermedia’s strategic partners in this effort was INVISO, represented by Carlos Yañez, and Jose Luis Reyes.The concept behind the Puerto Rico Broadcast Expo was wholly created by Evermedia,and put together by the Evermedia sales, technical, and support staff in what turned out tobe a resounding success, both in terms of industry buzz, and, more importantly, in terms of sales.

 The results were so positive that we expect next year’s event to be even more successful,with many more vendors, bigger exhibitions, and even greater attendance.

 Even though the conferences were geared toward different technologies, most attendees stayed throughout all of the presentations. Carlos Yañez, and Jose Luis Reyes delivered an outstanding presentation about the needfor adequate connectivity in digital installations, as well as Miranda’s broadcast server and interfacing technologies.

 Evermedia took the opportunity to present its new website,, to the attendees with promises for further expansion and functionality, including shopping cart, and technical support areas in the very near future.

 Evermedia, Inc. (formerly AOVT Digital Audiovisual, Inc.) was founded on January 1991 by its actual president, Mr. Jesús M. Mattei Rodríguez, BSEE-T.

 Evermedia is the industry leader in Puerto Rico in audiovisual technology, TV broadcast systems, educational technology and communications products, offering an extensive variety of presentation, video conferencing and communications products from the most trusted, recognized and top performing manufacturers in the industry.