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Miranda’s Automatic Loudness Control now available with Linear Acoustic multiband audio processing

October 28, 2009 

Montreal, Canada  - Miranda Technologies’ Automatic Loudness Control (ALC), which eliminates loudness jumps during commercials, is now available with Linear Acoustic AEROMAX™ processing.

By incorporating adaptive multi-stage wideband and multiband algorithms from Linear Acoustic, ALC ensures that audio is free from abrupt loudness shifts.

The first products available with Automatic Loudness Control are the Densité XVP family of 3Gbps/HD/SD signal processors, including the top of the range XVP-3901 up, down and cross converter with audio processor.

“By partnering with Linear Acoustic, we’re able to offer very effective loudness control, which prevents audio spikes between segments,” says Jean-Marc d’Anjou, Vice-President, Infrastructure at Miranda. “So, television viewers should no longer need to reach for their remotes to adjust the audio level during commercials.”

With ALC, the desired Loudness Target, or Operating Level, and Peak Level can be set once, and thereafter the processing offers continuous control, regard¬less of the source.

Automatic Loudness Control with Linear Acoustic processing is available in 2, 6 and 8 channel versions, which can provide 5.1 and stereo processing. The output loudness from modules equipped with ALC can be monitored according to ITU-R BS.1770.

The XVP-3901 3Gbps/HD/SD up, down and cross converter provides many other advanced audio abilities in addition to ALC. Other options include Dolby E encoding, Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding, and Dolby E/Digital (AC-3) decoding.

Additional audio features of the XVP-3901 include 16 channel embedded audio processing, with automatic delay to keep lip-sync. The processor also provides shuffling, upmixing and down-mixing, loudness metering, and four AES inputs/outputs for additional flexibility.

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Caption: Miranda’s Automatic Loudness Control is now available with Linear Acoustic processing

About Miranda

Miranda Technologies Inc. (TSX: MT) develops, manufactures and markets high-performance hardware and software for the television broadcast industry. Its solutions are purchased by content creators, broadcasters, specialty channels and television service providers to enable and enhance the transition to a complex multi-channel digital and HD broadcast environment. This equipment allows customers to generate additional revenue while reducing costs through more efficient distribution and management of content as well as the automation of previously manual processes. Miranda employs approximately 600 people at its Montreal headquarters and in its facilities located in Wallingford (UK), Grass Valley (California, USA), Springfield (New Jersey, USA), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan), Zaltbommel (Netherlands), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Beijing (China) and Hong Kong. Miranda is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit

About Linear Acoustic

Linear Acoustic, a Telos company, is the leading authority in loudness control and upmixing solutions for digital television. The company designs and manufactures the award-winning AERO range of audio processing solutions and licenses key technologies such as UPMAX 5.1 channel upmixing to OEM partners. The company participates in standards work within the AES, IEEE, BKSTS, and EBU, is a member of the ATSC, and is a sustaining member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Linear Acoustic is also proud to have provided its UPMAX:neo™ 5.1-channel upmixer for NBC’s coverage of the Beijing Summer Games. More information is available at