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Miranda adds advanced QoE monitoring capabilities to iControl Edge automated set-top box signal monitoring system

November 11, 2009 

Miranda presented the new advanced QoE monitoring capabilities for its iControl Edge highly automated set-top box signal monitoring system at SCTE Cable-Tec-Expo, including HD/SD probing, macro-block, lip-sync, and content mismatch detection.

iControl Edge delivers highly automated comprehensive monitoring and alarming on key video and audio signals including black video, freeze, macro-blocking, tiling and audio loudness control.

Alarms are configurable on a channel by channel basis. When a video or audio error is detected, alarms are automatically triggered and logged, and the signal is recorded to speed diagnosis and repair. Operators can quickly and efficiently pin point, troubleshoot and repair faults before the customer calls reducing the need for remote service calls.

“Typically, television service providers require different levels of monitoring for their premium channels and their niche channels.” says Francois Gourvil, Product Manager at Miranda. “With iControl Edge, the monitoring capabilities and alarming thresholds for each channel can be adjusted individually to address their specific requirements. This allows overall monitoring costs to be minimized, without compromising monitoring effectiveness or the quality of experience while viewing.”

iControl Edge is part of the iControl monitoring and control family, and can be easily expanded to cover hundreds of channels across multiple locations or grow to an end-to-end Network Management System. For a higher level of control and monitoring, iControl Edge can also control third party devices by embedding their control applications.

Miranda’s iControl family of facility monitoring and highly flexible graphical control systems are designed to lower operational costs, reduce MTTR and offer more productive workflows. The product range includes multiple pre-configured systems for playout monitoring, remote station monitoring, highly automated set-top-box signal monitoring, and incoming feed quality control. iControl can interface to 100% of SNMP-enabled devices to obtain detailed status information.