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NAB Preview: Kaleido-Solo simplifies loudness and DIALNORM monitoring with 3Gbps/HD/SD video

April 11, 2010 

Montreal, Canada - April 11, 2010 - Miranda’s new Kaleido-Solo simplifies monitoring of 1080p, HD and SD programs and their associated Loudness and DIALNORM properties.

Kaleido-Solo converts 3Gbps, HD and SD SDI, with embedded audio, to DVI and HDMI for display on an inexpensive LCD screen. In addition to providing the high quality scaling necessary for display in professional applications, Kaleido-Solo provides continuous measurement of loudness, and overlays a histogram of the loudness and DIALNORM on top of the program video. Unlike traditional loudness metering solutions, the histogram conveys the progression of loudness and DIALNORM over a user defined period of time.

“Loudness issues continue to pre-occupy broadcasters at various locations in their facilities. This simple device allows broadcasters to monitor Loudness while watching their programs”, said Michel Proulx, CTO of Miranda Technologies. “It’s a heads-up display for Loudness.”

In addition to performing the 3Gbps/HD/SD to HDMI or DVI conversion and displaying the audio loudness and DIALNORM histogram, the Kaleido-Solo provides overlays of key audio and video parameters, including aspect ratio markers, AFD Codes, time code, and peak meters.

Kaleido-Solo provides automatic video input format detection, and supports a wide range of video resolutions, including 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. To ensure the correct aspect ratio for video monitoring, it fully supports AFD, WSS, and VLI Metadata

To simplify embedded audio monitoring, Kaleido-Solo provides two RCA audio connectors to output a digital 5.1 stream as SPIDF, a 5.1 Downmix, or any two user selected channels.

The ultra-compact Kaleido-Solo is designed to be attached directly on the back of any LCD screen.

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