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Broadata’s Mini Line

November 17, 2009 

This line of solutions for connectivity and transportation of signals through fiber optics provides products with less weight but with a long range.

This line of products was designed to be used in the field with various formats of connectorization including Video Component, HDMI, DVI and Composite Video (BNC). It also allows for more popular formats such as HD/SDI and in some cases Audio and Bidirectional Data, inside installations where distances seem like barriers.

Series 4800/4802 – DVI extender up to 500M in 2 and 4 fiber optics.  Highly portable to be applied where space and budget are limited, but is high in quality.

Series Mini-DVI and Mini HDMI – Fiber optics video extender that can be connected directly to the equipment. Very convenient for installation in LCD panels through Multi-mode fiber in relatively short distances, 400M.

Series Mini HDMI-AD and Mini-RGB-AD – Allows for the transmission of Uni-directional HD video up to 400M with resolutions up to 1080P and Audio Stereo channels and 2 RS232 bidirectional channels through Multi-mode Fiber.

Series Mini 3GHD – This new and versatile miniature adaptor was designed to transport 3G/HD-SDI signals in SMPTE-4242M, 292M and 259M formats, through Multi-mode and Single-mode Fiber and up to distances of 30KM and was designed to be connected directly to digital video cameras.

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