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INVISO Engineering: New department of Video Solutions International to serve integration projects will be directed by Emerson Perez

Spain’s VSN was also merged into the group of brands administered by the company in Latin America and the Caribbean.

July 1, 2010 

Miami, June 1st, 2010 - INVISO begins the second semester by creating a new department, INVISO Engineering, to serve integration projects that the company develops in Latin America and the Caribbean in the present and future.

INVISO’s growth, of its brands as well as the coverage it has in its territory, determine the creation of this department which will be directed by Emerson Perez, Electrical Engineer who developed his career in important television stations such as Telemundo and ABC. He also worked directly with the manufacturers Odetics Broadcast, Encoda Systems (Harris) and most recently Technicolor Grass Valley.

INVISO’s brand portfolio currently includes Miranda, ADC and Broadata and at the beginning of the year GEPCO and Sony also joined (for the areas of the Caribbean that speak English).

The announcement of the creation of INVISO Engineering coincides with the VSN’s representation deal. VSN is an IT company that was created in 1990 in Barcelona, Spain that develops, sells and installs software solutions for the digitalization and automation of television stations, producers and audiovisual content distributors.

With this new department and brand portfolio INVISO potentiates its capacity to offer complete and high technology solutions to the Broadcast markets, CATV and IPTV in Latin America and the Caribbean.