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Miranda ships next generation, NVISION 8500 Hybrid embedded audio routers with integrated audio processing

September 22, 2010 

Montreal, Canada - September 11, 2010

Miranda Technologies has announced that it has started volume shipping of its NVISION 8500 Hybrid embedded audio routers with integrated audio processing, which significantly streamline television infrastructures and eliminate video/audio timing issues.

“The NVISION 8500 routers are redefining the role of a router in a television facility”, says Michel Proulx, CTO at Miranda. “By combining video routing with high performance audio processing and routing in a single, ultra-resilient chassis, they streamline signal management and deliver ultra-low latency to prevent lip-sync problems.”

“They represent a new generation of routing technology, essentially ‘super-routers’ with built-in, advanced processing to minimize the device count in facilities. This approach to routing is gaining real traction in the market, especially in Europe.”

Miranda’s NVISION 8500 Hybrid router (3D/3Gbps/HD) integrates de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding in a single frame. This means that everyday signal processing tasks, like swapping program audio tracks, can now be handled simply and elegantly within the router frame.

The savings in rack space, cabling, power and costs are substantial. In a typical installation, multiple racks of routing, de-embedders and embedders can now be replaced with a single NVISION 8500 router. This audio processing functionality is available across the entire NVISION 8500 router range, from 144x144 to 1152x1152.

To minimize costs, the advanced Hybrid router cards with audio processing functionality can be mixed with regular input, crosspoint, and output cards within a router frame. With Dynamic Hybrid Path-finding, the router is fully aware of the card types in the frame, and can intelligently route signals from the standard cards to the Hybrid cards for processing, and thereby make the audio processing available across all the inputs.

The NVISION 8500 Hybrid routers perform audio processing in a typical production studio environment with an inconsequential delay of just one or two lines. In contrast, a traditional infrastructure, with a router and separate embedders/de-embedders for feeding a mixer and audio console, can introduce milliseconds of delay, and this can create lip-sync problems.

All these powerful audio processing capabilities of the NVISION 8500 Hybrid router can be readily controlled from any NVISION control panel, using familiar commands for channel shuffling and break-away.

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