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Miranda highlights new multi-channel Quality of Experience monitoring systems at Cable-Tec Expo

October 15, 2010 

Montreal, Canada - October 15, 2010

Miranda is highlighting its new multi-channel, Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring systems at Cable-Tec Expo which allow operators to quickly identify and resolve complex audio and video errors before the customer calls.  Miranda’s QoE monitoring systems ensure service providers deliver the highest quality customer experience while keeping operational costs low.  Miranda will also be highlighting its award-winning loudness control, and a new set-top box signal monitoring solution.

Miranda’s iControl end-to-end, Quality of Experience monitoring systems combine signal quality monitoring and SNMP network management functions to enable cable operators to assess the performance of their channels and associated infrastructure across entire networks.

“Miranda’s range of QoE monitoring solutions offer automated ‘eyes and ears’ to correlate, verify and visualize channel delivery and performance across networks, with detailed performance reporting and trend analysis,” says Francois Gourvil, Senior Product Manager at Miranda.

“These systems can be expanded to high level Video Network Management Systems for broadcasters and cable/satellite/IPTV, with wide-ranging signal, device and facility monitoring over IP.”

iControl simplifies monitoring by incorporating high-resolution video/audio streams of channels from multiple points along networks, and by leveraging industry-standard SNMP protocols and third party control applications to provide a complete, end-to-end facility monitoring solution. 

The system’s highly graphical user interface and rich path views allow operators to quickly identify and respond to alarm conditions before the customer calls. Advanced audio/video probing features include content identification, macro-block and lip-sync error detection. 

Miranda will also be showcasing its new EdgeVision set-top box signal monitoring system. This compact and robust system provides advanced, remote probing and video/audio streaming of set-top box signals. It can be integrated tightly with iControl QoE monitoring, with automated cycling across hundreds of channels for large MSOs.

The company’s award-winning, multi-channel Automatic Loudness Control (ALC) solutions enable cable operators to indentify, normalize and prevent excessive audio level jumps between channels and commercial transitions, using real-time audio processing.   

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