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Miranda strengthens its integrated, IT-based playout solution to address key challenges facing playout facilities

May 10, 2011 

Miranda Technologies has strengthened its fully integrated, IT-based playout solution to address multiple key workflow and quality issues faced by playout facilities. This new playout solution combines the iTX automation and playout with Miranda’s graphics, monitoring and infrastructure systems.

“With our more tightly integrated playout solution, we’ve focused on three key challenges facing multi-channel facilities”, says Michel Proulx, CTO at Miranda. “To address channel proliferation, and the need for a higher volume of schedule awareness branding graphics, we’ve introduced a closer integration between automation schedules and graphics generation to streamline the preparation and playout of channel branding.”

“Secondly, to offer an improved Quality of Service while lowering monitoring costs, we’ve tightly integrated our facility monitoring systems with iTX to allow a single control room operator to monitor more channels, across the entire playout process, and with greater precision.”

“We’ve also addressed the heavy time and cost burden of VOD file publishing by simplifying and automating on-demand content generation. Facilities can now use the same assets, workflow and scheduling processes across both traditional linear television and VOD playout.”

The graphics capabilities of the iTX automated playout system have been enhanced with Miranda’s channel branding workflow tools, which automate the creation of schedule awareness graphics. The tight integration between the graphics tools and the automation playlist simplifies graphics preparation, and allows dynamic schedule awareness channel branding to be prepared with highly streamlined workflows.

The monitoring capabilities of the playout solution have been strengthened by a tight integration between iTX, the Kaleido multi-viewer range, and the iControl Playout Manager facility monitoring. This monitoring system can display automation events on the monitor wall and desktop, such as current and next event information, as well as alarms to highlight issues like missing content. The health of the overall playout system is also fully integrated in the monitoring, including the IT servers and IP network.

The scope of the monitoring system has also been broadened to offer visualization of the entire playout process, from ingest to Quality of Experience monitoring. These advanced monitoring capabilities all contribute to lower operating costs and higher quality channel delivery, with operators able to respond more rapidly and effectively to potential or actual problems.

Tightly integrated with the iTX automation and playout system, the new VOD Publishing solution enables live content to be quickly converted to produce C3, C7, Premium and other VOD variants. This directly addresses the increased cost and time challenges presented by popular “TV Everywhere” and “Catch Up TV” initiatives.

VOD Publishing provides all the elements required to create professional, on-demand content across multiple platforms, with integrated support for Nielsen watermarking, Closed Captions, AFD and Vchip metadata.

“The VOD Publishing also integrates tightly with Miranda’s channel branding tools, and this enables insertion of rich branding graphics into VOD files”, added Michel Proulx. “This unique capability allows broadcasters to strengthen their brand promotion across multiple platforms. For instance, they can drive audiences to linear channels where revenue is currently concentrated.”

The iTX IT-based automated playout at the heart of the solution uses enterprise grade IT servers and software to unify and streamline ingest, media management, schedule management, asset management, automation, master control, graphics and multi-format playout. This architecture reduces the complexity of a facility and simplifies maintenance, while improving the quality of service. It also delivers unprecedented resilience and scalability, along with exceptionally fast new channel deployment.

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