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TE Connectivity fills void in Broadcast market with fiber-based patching

New Fiber Optic Jack Field Eliminates Electronic Signal Conversion Devices

April 14, 2013 

GREENSBORO, NC – April 8, 2013 – TE Connectivity (TE) today announced a new addition to its broadcast
product portfolio – the Fiber Optic Jack Field (FOJF). A unique product that allows for easy access to connectors
and cables, the FOJF is a fiber enclosure specifically designed to accommodate applications that are fiber-dense
and require more access to signal redirection.

In today’s up-to-the-minute-news and always-connected multimedia world, broadcasters need fast and easy
access to their equipment in order to reconfigure circuits for setup and transmission. A traditional fiber “box” style
product can be difficult to access and can result in time lost and inadvertent loss of on-air signals. Creating a
patch field similar in configuration to a copper jack field reduces the chances of accidental disconnect. With the
FOJF, field technicians can easily access and test fiber circuits used for on-air, setup and transmission of signals
where traditional copper products can’t support the distance and bandwidth of high-definition signals.

“The fiber optic jack field brings everything that we offer in copper into the fiber world,” said Dean Rosenthal,
market manager, broadcast products for TE’s Enterprise Networks business unit. “It’s easy to install, maintain
and use because it has the same look and feel as our copper products. Operators will love the robust technology
and performance but they’ll especially appreciate the familiarity and intuitiveness of the solution.”

Designed with industry-standard components and using standard fiber patch cables, the FOJF product allows for
easy access for quick servicing and blade-style board substitutions for fast adaptation and reduced downtime.The FOJF Features :

  •  Quick and easy access to circuit for reconfiguration and transmission
  • Support for IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3ba and IEE 802.3z
  •  Familiar orientation designed to be operator intuitive
  •  Industry-standard components, which are easily attainable and replaceable and are cost-effective
  •  Industry-standard, low-profile and low-loss looping plug, which maintains normalled connection
  • Expressly built for a master control environment
  •  Incorporates TE Connectivity standard fiber management trays, bend radius protection, Velcro tie down straps and more
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