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ADC and Inviso gather brazilian clients for seminars about Digital Infrastructure in Sao Paulo and Rio the Janeiro

These events took place last week and had an attendance of over one hundred thirty representatives of TV stations, production houses and broadcast related business.

June 24, 2008 

June 24, 2008 - Miami, FL - A new era is beginning for television with HDTV, and for TV stations this means new challenges and new requirements for equipment to meet the standards of new technologies. That is the reason why ADC and INVISO got together to organize two seminars in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that had a massive attendance of clients that showed high interest for this subject.

TV stations in Brazil’s largest cities are already broadcasting in HDTV, and the projections indicate that these numbers will escalade rapidly to cover the entire television business, before the official analog shut down takes place in this country within the next few years. In order to be ready for this process the engineers in Brazil’s Televisión industry need to make informed decisions about future proof investment in new technology and equipment. To help them in this regard INVISO and ADC held the Digi Plant Seminars presented by Dean Rosenthal, Market Manager Broadcast and Cable Connectivity from ADC, with the latest technical information to guide them in this process.

In his presentation Rosenthal talked about the basic parameters of digital audio/video signals and the various methods of transporting the signal in a broadcast facility, and specific topics such as Digital audio transmission on twisted pair & coax cable and connectors, SDI/HD video transmission cable and connectors and Patching & routing the signals, all areas of expertise of ADC, that have the latest products and technologies, and are willing to guide the costumer about the best choices for every connectivity infrastructure necessity.

With Rosenthal at the seminars were Frank Shufelt, President of INVISO and Ricardo Chrispim, INVISO’s Regional Manager for Mercosur, as well as representatives of LIBOR, the authorized distributor of ADC in Brazil.

After the theoretical presentation there was a hands-on demonstration of some ADC products such as the new programmable audio patch panel PPP series for AES Audio and the video panel PPE4632-MVJT mid size for HDTV.

Mr. Rosenthal’s tour of Brazil also included two private presentations for TV Globo, one at their facilities in Sao Paulo that was a live broadcast transmission, with translation to Portuguese, to all their affiliates in Brazil. Another presentation was made for the engineers at TV Globo’s network headquarters in Rio the Janeiro

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