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KALEIDOS from Miranda improves operations of TELESUR in Venezuela

August 12, 2008 

Telesur is in the way to be a total digital network, and to achieve that goal has acquire and installed the most modern and capable Multiviewers from Miranda Technologies, one Kaleido FR7 and two Kaleidos FR4. That new technology has provided them with a better way to produce, process and broadcast their daily news shows from all Latin-American.

This Kaleidos are part of a very ambitious process of modernization for this cable network, and to integrate the project, that involves products from different brands, they hire HERCASA, the dealer of Miranda in Venezuela, and a part of INVISO sales and services network in Latin-america.

Fernando Graziano, General Manager from Hercasa, explained the basics of this new facilities “totally digital, also tapples, with the first and unique automated studio and a modern virtual set, along with the most advanced multiviewers system in our country, similar to others in Mexico, Brasil and Argentina”.

About the three Kaleidos acquired for Telesur, Graziano said that they control a total of eight different stations: three sets, two master controls (one for Venezuela and the other for the international emission), the press room, the satelital room and the teleport station. For the commissioning of the equipment and the training of the personnel in Telesur , we also have the support of Miranda, who sent an engineer, to work whit the local team during the process”, Graziano added.

For Milton Crespo, Vice-president of Telesur, there is a number of advantages with the Kaleidos operating in the network “now we can do the monitoring of all the signals in one room and in one screen, we can access only with a click any information that we need to process and broadcast, we have in the same environment all the previews, and with the high quality that the Kaleidos can offer”.

Milton Crespo explained that Telesur has a news room with 74 stations, for  journalist and chief of assignations, and for the first time, the technology of  kaleidos, has permitted to have in view all the signals of the events in every country, and anyone can bring the information to their computer, “the use of this Kaleidos had give a turn of 360 degrees to our operation, and a process that was complicated now is simple and fast, just what a news channel need nowadays”.

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