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Miranda to highlight its NVISION ultra-robust, enterprise class routing at NAB

February 19, 2009 

Montreal, Canada - February 12, 2009 - At NAB, Miranda Technologies will be highlighting its new NVISION series of ultra-robust, enterprise class SD/HD/1080p routing switchers which provides rich integration with its interfacing, master control switching, and monitoring ranges.

Miranda’s new line of routers has been introduced following its recent acquisition of NVISION Inc, the routing and master control specialist based in Grass Valley, California.

“The NVISION range now rounds out Miranda’s product line-up. We can now offer facility wide solutions spanning interfacing, routing, master control, graphics and playout, as well as multi-image display and facility monitoring”, says Michel Proulx, CTO at Miranda.

“However, this is not just about offering a wider portfolio of products; we will be delivering unrivalled integration across our ranges. This will result in more streamlined hardware and lower costs, along with enhanced operator productivity from improved control systems.”

NVISION offers a complete range of routers with sizes from 16x4 all the way up to 1152x1152 with many specialized flavors and form factors each aimed at specific routing applications.

The largest routers in the range are the NVISION 8500 enterprise class routers, which offer the ultimate level of robustness. They are designed for absolute dependability, with full power supply, controller and crosspoint redundancy. They also provide unmatched signal path integrity for improved return loss and cable length performance for ASI/SD/HD/ and 3Gpbs (1080p and 3D stereoscopic) video and digital audio, with full scalability up to 1152 x 1152 video inputs.

The ultra-compact NVISION 8288 truck routers are the world’s smallest large routers, and are available in sizes up to 576 x 576. These resilient, modular routers are half the size and weight of comparable routers, and also consume half the power normally required. This makes these SD/HD/1080p routers ideal for both flypack and truck applications.

The NVISION 5128 is a multi-format, mid-size facility router which offers highly robust performance up to 128 x 128. The router offers easy ‘mixing and matching’ of up to eight different formats in the same frame, including 1080p, HD, SD and analog video, as well as digital and analog audio. It can also be used for time code, sample rate conversion, and machine control signals.

For low cost, utility routing, the NVISION Compact range of SD/HD/1080p routers offers a high level of space and cost efficiency, with sizes from 16 x 4 to 32 x 32.

A wide variety of advanced hardware and software control panels are available for the NVISION range, and these can provide sophisticated multi-router, tie line management. The control systems also offer effective bridging with legacy third party router systems to allow an easy transition to a Miranda NVISION system.

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