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ADC Brings to Market First Fiber Optic Panel Designed Specifically for Broadcasters

February 24, 2009 

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb 24, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ADC (NASDAQ:ADCT) ( today announced its new ProPatch(R) Fiber (PPF) Optic Panel, the first product of its kind specifically targeted for the broadcast industry. Designed to ease network migration within the unique broadcasting infrastructure, the ProPatch panel allows broadcasters to incorporate fiber optic cables to deliver high-definition (HD) services without overhauling their existing architectures.

"Mega-event broadcasting of sports events, concerts and other live events is driving the demand for HDTV and other high definition services. That increasing need for more bandwidth is urging many broadcasters to shift away from copper and embrace the efficiency of fiber optic cable feeds," said Dean Rosenthal, market manager of Broadcast and Enterprise Solutions for ADC. "Five years ago, broadcasters might see two or three fibers in an on-location truck or broadcast office. Now they may encounter hundreds or more in some extreme applications like the recent political conventions last fall."

Configured for broadcast-style cabinets, the ProPatch fiber panel addresses both industry requirements and space-saving aesthetics. A flush-mounting front panel that doesn't protrude from the rack minimizes accidental physical contact. Designed to hold up under extreme use, the PPF is fabricated from heavy gauge metal and is tested to military standards. Moreover, the panel maintains the unique broadcast architecture without requiring the users to change their industry best practices.

For broadcasters who traditionally managed their equipment access from the back, the PPF panel offers front-facing access for flexibility in crowded locations where rear access is limited. The panel also incorporates ADC's Sliding Adapter Packs, fiber management trays that allow easy access for connecting jumpers and cleaning connectors without disturbing adjacent fibers. With this feature, broadcasters can deliver uninterrupted service without worrying about signal loss or downtime.

"Helping broadcasters migrate their copper-heavy networks to fiber through management tools like the PPF panel underscores ADC's history of evolving with our customers to help them deliver the cutting-edge data, video and voice services that consumers have come to expect," said Rosenthal.